EUR SpA Learning Garden

Situated in the green area of Piazza Pakistan - forming part of the broader project for 'Enhancement of the Green Areas' - , the "Giardino Didattico di EUR SpA" ("EUR SpA Learning Garden") was opened on 28th May 2012. An opportunity to add value to one of the most beautiful green areas in the Company's possession, by promoting interactions with citizens (children first and foremost, but also teachers, parents and workers) on questions of respect and care for the environment.  
EUR SpA - La locandina del Giardino Didattico

Open free of charge, and for the second year in succession under the care of Istituto Alberti, it is a real 'training ground' for anybody wanting to learn about nature and its many aspects: an educational vegetable garden measuring approximately 100 m2, an aromatic herb pathway, a lavender labyrinth, 10 fruit trees that are also described in detail in simple but amusing information posts, an ecology island with re-cycling bins, 2 composting bins to create natural humus, 2 storage cabinets filled with all the equipment and tools that might be necessary for the vegetable plot and gardening, 6 notice boards explaining the various areas of the garden, a solar panel, whose operation is explained in the adventures of Modulix. To complete the atmosphere there are bird boxes for insect-eating birds and a number of bat boxes too.

The Learning Garden is open daily, including holidays, thanks to its co-operation with the Adventure Park.
Winter opening times are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and these will remain in force until the clocks go forwards on 29th March (Summer opening times 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.).

NB: Schools wishing to visit the Garden must book in advance. ENTRANCE IS FREE.


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