Congress Arena (Palazzo dei Congressi)

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Palazzo dei Congressi, designed at the end of the 'Thirties by the architect Adalberto Libero, is an effective blend of the monumental neo-classical style and the refined rationalist avant-guard of the early Twentieth century. It stands in the EUR district of Rome and is an ideal location for all types of event.

Its ample and versatile exhibition areas (covering a total of 2,500 m2) mean that volumes can be drawn up based on the needs of the customer, offering a wide range of solutions for trade fairs, conventions, conferences, shows and gala evenings, within a frame rendered unique by the beauty of its marble, the originality of its furnishings and the characteristics of its frescos.


Main Rooms

The Salone della Cultura can seat up to 1,700 persons, and has the shape of a cube with sides measuring 38 metres, surmounted by a rib-vaulted cupola and bounded by two elegant, colonnaded galleries.  Extremely modular in nature, it is naturally lit, but can also be darkened, and is fitted with structures that can be used to hang blinds.

The Foyer Kennedy and Foyer dell’Arte are two ample spaces adjacent to the main rooms, embellished with splendid works of art by Achille Funi and Gino Severini and by the elegant geometric effect created by the crossing of the artistic twin staircases that serve the building. Able to be used as hospitality halls or for the registration of participants, they are ideal locations for exhibitions, catering and gala dinners.

The Auditorium Capitalis (792 seats) is fitted with state-of-the-art technical equipment, and is one of the most modern city locations for artistic entertainment: theatre productions, film shows, life concerts and various other types of show.

The delightful Terrace (1,085 m2 – 400/500 seats), featuring a splendid belvedere, allows the whole city and its coastline to be viewed all in one; the prestigious open-air theatre and the decorative hanging gardens (1,980 m2 – 400/500 seats) complete the external location which is also a great place to hold cocktail parties, gala dinners, theatrical shows, etc.
 Strategic location


Strategic Position

Located at the centre of Rome's EUR district, Palazzo dei Congressi stands in a strategic position from various points of view: because of the extensive and varied accommodation facilities within the district itself; because of its vicinity to ports, airports and railway stations that are connected by an extensive public transport network (bus, underground railway, taxi, etc.) with stops that can be reached easily on foot; because of its vicinity to the historic centre of Rome (5 stops on the underground); because of the wide variety of services available to event organisers (set-up, catering, audio-video, restaurants, etc.); because of the numerous entertainment opportunities (restaurants, shopping, clubs, green areas, museums, aquarium, Luneur amusement park, etc.).



To receive further information, check availability for events and shows or request a visit, please contact our Subsidiary ROMA CONVENTION GROUP which manages the structure.


Planimetria piano terra
Planimetria primo piano
Planimetria terrazza e teatro pensile


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