Charter of Business Values
The Company has taken upon itself the values indicated in the "Charter of Business Values", agreeing to acknowledge and respect their properties with regard to its own stakeholders, increasing the social value of corporate activities relating to the quarter and to the city of Rome. Report on Corporate Social Responsibility - Centrality of individuals, respect for their physical integrity and respect for the value of their relationships with others. - Respect for and protection of the environment. - Efficiency, effectiveness and economy of management systems, so as to constantly increase levels of corporate profitability and competitiveness. - Good faith and transparency of the management systems, in compliance with current laws and agreements, in relation to internal and external members of the company. - A constant commitment to research and development in order to encourage and pursue - following the strategic plan - the highest level of innovation. - Attention to the legitimate needs and expectations of internal and external stakeholders, to improve the feeling of belonging and the level of satisfaction. - Reliability of management systems and procedures for the maximum safety of staff, the community and the environment. - Interrelation with the community and its representatives, for an inclusive exchange of opinions and social enrichment, aimed at improving the quality of life. - Enhancement of human resources through professional improvement plans and participation in the corporate goals.
* proposed by the European Institute for Corporate Financial Statements, it has changed from the Charter of Human Values of Nova Spes, implemented by the UN in 1989, to give a more specific and socially unique orientation to corporate intervention decisions.
Model 231
Model 231 Implementing the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 231 dated 8th June 2001 on the "Regulation of the administrative liability of legal entities" (the "Decree"), the Board of Directors of EUR S.p.A., on 17th September 2010, adopted its own "Organisational, management and control model" updated to comply with the recent changes in law and the organisational modifications voted in August 2010 (the "Model"). The Model consists of a "General Section" regulating operation of the Model (adoption, updating, implementation, modification) and a "Special Section" divided according to the types of offence currently foreseen by the Model. The following documents are also attached to the Model: - List of offences; - Corporate organisation chart; - Preliminary document for mapping of risk areas; - Map of risk areas; - List of procedures; - Ethics Code; - Disciplinary system; - Statute of the Supervisory Body; The task of overseeing operation and compliance with the Model and keeping it updated has been assigned by the Company to a body (the so-called "Supervisory Body" or "SB") which has independent powers of action and control in compliance with the provisions of art. 6 of the Decree, which makes use of the Internal Auditing and Risk Management Function operations. The original of the Model document, in the version adopted by the Company BoD, is filed with the Office for Staff and Organisation - Organisation and Trade Union Relations Department. The elements making up the Model include the Ethics Code which the Company has adopted to render explicit the principles and rules of conduct that it requires to be respected during performance of the various corporate activities. Consequently, the Company invites all those wishing to enter into relations with EUR SpA (suppliers, customers, commercial partners, agents, attorneys, etc...) to read it and comply with the points it sets out.