Company Profile

Il bassorilievo di Publio Morbiducci all'entrata di Palazzo Uffici in un'immagine storica (ASF EUR SpA 1058)
Palazzo Uffici, sede di EUR SpA (Roma - Eur)EUR S.p.A. (90% Italian Economy and Finance Ministry and 10% Roma Capitale) is a company operating in the management and development of real estate, founded in 2000, according to the wishes of the Italian Treasury, from the transformation of the Ente Autonomo Esposizione Universale di Roma (Independent Body for the Rome Universal Exhibition).
It has at its disposal property of rare value, with an exceptional number of monumental works from the Italian Rationalist period. Unique in both dimension and quality. The real estate assets held by EUR S.p.A. are also connected with 70 hectares of parks and gardens, open to the public and considered an extraordinary source of biodiversity.
Its mission is to manage and enhance the series of assets in its ownership, in order to maximise profitability, while at the same time respecting the particular historic and artistic value, in collaboration with the Superintendent for Architectural and Scenic Assets for Roma Capitale and with the Regional Office for Cultural and Scenic Assets of Lazio.
EUR S.p.A., in effect, in compliance with its corporate object and with the terms of its statute, carries out work to conserve and protect its historic, artistic and scenic heritage, putting out redeveloped areas for lease, through its property management activities. The asset management activities, on the other hand, relate to the completion of large real estate development and urban enhancement projects. These include creation of the New "La Nuvola" ("The Cloud") Conference Centre, of strategic importance for the national tourist industry, which is undoubtedly the most important operation at this time. 
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