Group Companies

Roma Convention Group S.p.A.
(100% EUR SpA)
Tax code/VAT Reg. No. 10891851007 - 
EAI RM1262844
Aquadrome S.r.l.
(sole partner EUR S.p.A.)
Tax code/VAT Reg. No. 09739341007
EAI RM1186168
EUR TEL S.r.l.
(controlled by EUR S.p.A., which holds 65.63% of the partnership capital)
Tax code/VAT Reg. No. 10773061006
EAI RM1254508
Marco Polo S.p.A.
under liquidation
Liquidators: Mr. Alberto Romano, Mr. Luciano Bologna
(in which EUR S.p.A. holds 33% of the partnership capital)
VAT Reg. No. 07141681002 - EAI RM1012882
Born from the transformation of EUR Congressi Roma Srl into a Limited Stock Company, Roma Convention Group is dedicated to the combined management of the conference activities in the main structures within the Roman conference centre: Palazzo dei Congressi and the New Conference Centre, the Cloud.
Set up in December 2007, the company object is to create the schedule of interventions for urban requalification of the area known as the "ex Olympic Velodrome" and the area known as "Oceano Pacifico" in Rome's EUR quarter. Considering the current start-up phase of the above schedule, during the three-year period 2008-2010 the company has been unable to balance its accounts, due to the weight of financial costs and charges. Company subject to the management and co-ordination of EUR S.p.A.
Founded in January 2010 to work in the field of telecommunications, the company went into full operation in November 2010. The aim of the company is the design, development, creation, management, commercialisation, installation of telematic assets and services (along with the relevant systems), of software, of information technology, electronic and telecommunication systems, and of Information Technology (IT) and Information Communication Technology (ICT) solutions. Company subject to the management and co-ordination of EUR S.p.A.
The company has been working since 2003 in the Facility Management sector, providing companies with a wide range of activities that range from real estate services (maintenance, garden areas, civil, technological and industrial systems), to urban services (environmental hygiene, requalification of urban areas), to personal services (document management, office supplies, security, catering) to real estate and land services (renovation and recuperation of buildings, new builds).
In the two-year period 2008-2009 the company's financial statement showed a profit, while in 2010 alone - as a result of market conditions - the aim of balancing the books was not achieved.