EV Energy Electric Vehicles for City Renewable Energy Supply


EV ENERGY EV Energy is a project funded under the European Commission’s programme for interregional cooperation Interreg Europe. 
The project’s total budget is € 1,049,797 out of which the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) co-finances 85%. 
The project aims to pave the way for a transition from fossil driven energy towards fair priced, decarbonised, clean and integrated resources and mobility systems in urban areas. 
EV Energy analyses and develops innovative policies that promote renewable energies, electric mobility and the use of ICT for their integration. 
Through interregional policy learning, the most appropriate policies are transferred to cities, regions and partner countries and implemented subsequently. 
Identified best practices and policies are further disseminated for the benefit of the widest possible audience. 
 Project Tasks and Objectives: 
  • Establish a network of cooperation among stakeholders within and across regions 
  • Identify, assess and exchange best practices and policies related to electric mobility and renewable energy systems 
  • Share solutions and transfer best practices and policies in between cities, regions and partner countries 
  • Develop a database of policies and measured actions in a systematic framework of topics and conditions for implementation 
  • Create a shortlist of policy options for achieving regional and national objectives 
  • Improve policy strategies and implement regional action plans 
Find more information about the project on: http://www.interregeurope.eu/evenergy/