Un'immagine del nuovo Acquario di Roma (fonte pagina Facebook Acquario di Roma)EUR S.p.A. has granted a thirty year concession on the Parco Centrale del Lago area to allow construction - under Eur's lake - of an underground building measuring 13,226 square meters, which will house two different structures.

The Sea Life Roma Aquarium, which is a themed and interactive aquarium, encouraging visitors to discover the marvels of the world beneath the waves. It is an important illustration of biodiversity, with over 5 thousand specimens belonging to over 100 aquatic species from seas all around the world.

The EXPO del Mediterraneo, (Mediterranean EXPO), a permanent, futuristic exhibition space to be used to divulge scientific research, with the co-operation of important Italian bodies and institutions such as ACEA, Bioparco, CNR, Expomed, Lega Navale, Italian Ministry for the Environment and for the protection of land and sea, Italian Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Forestry. The Mediterranean EXPO aims to become a driving force in spreading a responsible culture of the sea, and a meeting point between scientific research and the general public, through the organisation of conferences, exhibitions and the projection of 3D films.

Nearing completion, it will be a unique experience, capable of captivating even the most sceptical visitor, who will be submerged in a marine universe in which sounds, smells, colours and sensations have been designed to recreate the magic of the sea.


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