Luneur Park

Il logo del Luneur Park

The first Amusement Park in Italy, and one of the first 5 in Europe, Luneur was created for the 1953 Agricultural Exhibition and became a permanent fixture during the Games of the XVII Olympiad in 1960, hosting millions of visitors.
After a period of stagnation, Luneur Park has now been born again, with a new range of attractions and a new style: a Garden of Marvels, surrounded by green belt and filled with different experience, from rides to games, from educational paths, in the company of professional teachers and young researchers, to "old fashioned" games.
At Luneur Park, imagination meets reality: the Big Wheel is back and, with it, other historic rides, the very ones that made you dream yourself when you were a kid, but there are also lots of new attractions; the space dedicated to out-door educational activities is brightened with colours, with playgrounds and paths for the whole family.
Some of the historic attractions, fully renovated, are back to fill a new generation of young visitors with emotion. To these have been added other brand new rides that will offer different, fun-filled experiences at any time, on any day.
Luna, a delightful little owl who is the granddaughter of Wise Owl, who has overlooked the Magic House for the past 30 years, becomes the icon for the new Luneur Park, and an integral part of the in-park experience. Open-air games from yesterday and today, suited to various age ranges, take place every day in the brand new Giardino delle Meraviglie (Garden of Marvels) area, such as the yellow brick Labyrinth or the Lunatantum, part games room, part playground. Ever-new games where our young visitors can have fun taking on adrenaline-boosting challenges, adventure paths, live role-play.
The "green" component is one of the most important features of the new Luneur Park: a Garden of Marvels filled with hundreds of species of plants and trees, with attractions and paths aimed at communicating concepts such as eco-sustainability and respect for the environment. One of the main ingredients of Luneur Park is an entertaining teaching method, aimed at the world of schools with the object of providing a series of open-air contents and activities where children can learn without being bored.