900 (Spazio Novecento)

L'esterno di Spazio Novecento (Palazzo Arte Antica di EUR SpA) L'interno di Spazio Novecento (Palazzo Arte Antica di EUR SpA) La scalinata di ingresso di Spazio Novecento (Palazzo Arte Antica di EUR SpA) L'interno di Spazio Novecento (Palazzo Arte Antica di EUR SpA)

(fonte www.spazionovecento.it)

Housed within the Palazzo dell’Arte Antica, Spazio Novecento is 1000 square meters of versatility and elegance at the heart of EUR, one of the most modern districts in the world and just a few steps from the centre of Rome, well connected to the GRA (Outer Ring Road) and Fiumicino airport.
Two scenic terraces mean that the location is capable of housing events 12 months a year. Spazio Novecento is suitable to host: conferences and conventions, meetings, shows and trade fairs, gala dinners and corporate receptions, fashion events and parties.
The Spazio Novecento project is based on what is, for Rome in particular, an innovative concept: a location for events that is characterised by extreme versatility and the ability to adapt to any need. Its technological equipment, which is comparable with that of a real TV studio, means that endless combinations of set-up are possible, providing organisers with everything to make things easy for them. Spazio Novecento makes use of numerous highly professional additional services, including catering, a simultaneous translation service and the design and creation of event set-ups. Spazio Novecento is the technological location that Rome was waiting for.

The great versatility of the space, made possible by the motor driven support structures with which the room is fitted, means that it is possible to host various types of event.  Organisers will be considerably assisted by the fact that there are no furnishing restrictions, and by the absolutely neutral colours of the existing drapes and fixed equipment. Spazio Novecento has been selected as the ideal location by the most important film production and advertising companies, and it can be used as a proper studio.
To receive further information, check availability for events and shows or request a visit, please contact the company All Events, which manages the structure, using the website WWW.SPAZIONOVECENTO.IT.