Film leases

Una delle tante riprese cinematografiche all'interno del quartiere Eur. Qui nel cortile esterno di Palazzo Uffici .


"...yes, I really like Eur because it has this feeling rather like a cinema studio... that feeling the quarter has of being available is congenial to me, Eur gives off this sense of lightness, it is like living within the frame of a picture... the atmosphere is truly liberating..." (F. Fellini).

Because of its architectural features, Eur offers ideal dimensions and scenic models to give life to artistic productions.
From Fellini's scenes from "Boccaccio 70" and "La Dolce Vita" to those of the film "Un Borghese piccolo piccolo" (An Average Little Man) starring Alberto Sordi, to the more recent "L'ultimo Bacio" (The Last Kiss) by Gabriele Muccino, and the TV series "Un Medico in famiglia" (A doctor in the family). EUR SpA's buildings and parks are undisputed protagonists in the world of films, TV dramas, documentaries and advertising shorts.

For information on available locations, please contact the numbers indicated below.

Tel. +39 06 54252248-2080
Fax +39 06 54252235