Eur SpA is partner of EV Energy. Now we are in Flevoland, Netherland to work on the final phase at Clean Energy & Mobility Conference. Great team. What is EV Energy Project?
‘European cities are advancing at rapid pace in the field of renewable energies and urban electric mobility. These are innovative and smart technologies that can contribute significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency. Their intelligent integration into energy and mobility system is of high priority in our urban ecosystem.

The EV Energy project aims to analyse, initiate and implement policies favouring sustainable energy and electric mobility systems in urban areas. It works with experienced cities and regions, transferring the most appropriate policies and good practices.

The project focuses on three thematic areas:

Renewable energies
Electric mobility
Infrastructures (Smart grids, ICT, etc.)’

Eur SpA with Regione Lazio work to make a smart transition to Electric mobility with renewable energies, sharing, public and private transport.