Palazzo Arte Moderna

Designers: F.Fariello, S.Muratori, L.Quaroni.
Covered area: 8,000 m2; 163,000 m3.
Start and completion of works: 1939-1942.

The Palazzo is one of the four architectural structures (together with Palazzo dell'Arte Moderna, Palazzo della Scienza Universale and Palazzo delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari) envisaged and designed in the urban plan for E42 (Esposizione Universale di Roma - Rome Universal Exhibition) to make up the central nucleus of the exhibition area, Piazza Imperiale, which, in the intentions of the designers, was to have represented a large agorà, obviously classical in origin, giving a strong celebratory feel to the whole.

Like the group of buildings facing it, Palazzo dell'Arte Antica should have had, as the architectural element connecting it to Palazzo dell'Arte Moderna, the Teatro Imperiale designed by architect Moretti but sadly never built - with the exception of its foundations - due to the outbreak of war and stoppage of the construction work.

The Palazzo has a main body with a large internal courtyard, at the centre of which, at ground floor level, a large central space was originally foreseen, a winter garden surrounded by a portico, a fascinating element that was originally open at the top, but today is covered and enriched by the presence of a colonnade faced with beautiful pale green marble. Like the Palazzo dell'Arte Moderna opposite, it features a huge monumental hall on the first floor, which rises to the full height of the building, decorated by two pairs of columns in highly valued Portoro marble.

Among other things, it currently houses Spazio Novecento, a highly glamorous entertainment venue.

Read the historical bond of 2004 (pdf)

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Nome previsto per l'Esposizione Universale Romana (1942) "Palazzo Mostra dell'Arte Moderna".